Tsunami of Love

I’ve been silent around here lately. The world has shut down but my work responsibilities at my day job increased exponentially. I found it challenging to create work/life boundaries as I worked from home. Truthfully, probably like many of you, I also found “doing things” exhausting. There was something, however, which I experienced a few years ago. I was waiting for the right time to share it. Today, it just felt right. I hope you find it helpful.

I live in the US. Election Night 2016 was devastating. I found it difficult to believe that after what seemed like tremendous progress--not only as a nation but as a globe--we had regressed. I’m a spiritual creature so I turned to meditation for healing, to deal with my grief. To try to make sense of what happened. I got this message from my guides that is more relevant today than it was four years ago.

They told me that this time coming up was going to seem like a tsunami. You know that moment when a tsunami strikes, there’s a moment when it seems like all the water has rushed out? Only to come crashing back in? They told me that we would experience the same thing but, instead of water/destruction, it would be Love. We would go through a time when it seemed like all the Love had left the world—all that is good and positive. But, eventually, that Love and positivity would come back in a huge wave, bigger than before.

It blew me away but I struggled to believe it. There have been times in the last four years when I thought, “Is this it? How about now? Is this the moment?” I feel like now is that moment—that MOVEMENT. As scary as our world is, I am so proud to see so many people refusing to let injustice slide. Refusing to turn off compassion and love and kindness and respect. To see people refuse to look away from the suffering of Black and POC communities. I keep hearing that line in my head from “My Shot” by Lin-Manuel Miranda: “This is not a moment; it’s a movement.”

I can trust my guides more than ever. But I cannot rely on the fact that I was told it is going to get better and have that be enough. I have to make sure that I’m not just saying that I believe in equality and compassion and true justice. My actions have to match that. I have to continue to educate myself, to donate to organizations that support what I say I value, to challenge casual racism and misogyny as it happens around me. We must now, more than ever, make sure that we’re walking our talk. I’ve never been more hopeful that we can create positive change in our world.

I hope this helps. I hope you are well. We can do this. This is our moment, this is our movement. We get to decide what the future looks like and I know what kind of world I want to leave for the future.

I love you.

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