Things I Love: March 2021

Gilmore Girls: Still loving my 00s nostalgia oasis. God, why didn’t I watch this show when it aired? (I was probably too busy watching Everwood, my other WB fave.)

Michael (1996): Ah, the 90s. Even better than the 00s. I remember my parents watching this Nora Ephron movie starring John Travolta as Archangel Michael. I watched it for the first time as an adult over last weekend and I’m in love. Gimme Nora Ephron all day long. Why don’t we make sweet, off-beat movies like this anymore? (Not sure that she’d love me calling one of her movies sweet. But I liked it.)

Trying bullet journaling: It’s a little fussy for me but I needed a creative project to focus on. I like playing around with the layout and what I want to focus on.

Iced caramel macchiato

Sunshine and blue sky for days!

Walking with Ghosts by Gabriel Byrne: I could go back to this book repeatedly. What a pleasure to read!

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