Summer Fun(ctioning)

This summer has not been what I expected. I always think I’ll relax in the summer but it’s one of my busier times at my day job. The last couple of months have asked a lot of me. Here’s what I learned.

  • It’s okay to feel what you’re feeling: A friend did something that felt like a huge betrayal. I understood why they did it. I knew that they were trying to get something they needed. But I was caught in the crossfire. It made me angry. And hurt. I didn’t put these feelings off on the other person. For the first time, I felt what I needed to feel without bringing guilt into the equation.

  • People pleasing can go too far: It’s not a shock to me that i’m a people pleaser. I’ve known for a while that I was focusing on what other people wanted/needed to avoid looking at my own stuff. I realized this summer that (shocker) this has stunted my own growth and my focus on my goals. I’m learning to set loving but firm boundaries. I feel free for the first time in a long time.

  • Balance is key: I was covering a lot of other people’s work along with my other responsibilities this summer. I was emotionally + mentally wrung-out. I took a lot of staggered days off this summer and it made a huge difference in my stress levels. I worked hard but made time for play. It really helped me to cope. And thrive!

  • You are capable of much more than you think: Balance is important but so is gently testing yourself to move out of your comfort zone. I felt pushed to my limit this summer. I did much more than I thought I could. I learned to ask for what I needed without feeling like I’d done something wrong. And I realized that I am much stronger + more powerful than I gave myself credit for.

How has your summer been so far? (Or winter! Hello, Southern Hemisphere.) Did you get to relax or were the lessons non-stop? If it was crazy, what are some things you've been doing to deal?


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