Old Friends

We’re (finally!) coming out of another Mercury Retrograde. If you’re unfamiliar, a Mercury Retrograde is when Mercury appears to be moving backwards through the sky. During this time, it is notorious for tech glitches (Hello, office printer that dies suddenly!), miscommunication (“I thought we were meeting tomorrow. Are you sure it’s today?”), and travel delays. It can be challenging.

It is really great for editing. (Hi, indie authors! I can help you edit your NaNoWriMo baby!) It’s ideal to review, revise, re-assess your philosophies and life path. And it is amazing for revisiting books you enjoy! In a recent and highly unscientific poll on my Insta stories, a lot of you are like me. You like to re-read your old faves. I have kept a lot of titles out of sentimentality. Most of the time, they simply sit on my shelves. If you’re TBR list feels overwhelming, it can be really comforting to pick up your old standbys. And you don’t need to only do this when Mercury is in Retro.

Here’s what I’m re-reading right now:

The Winternight Trilogy by Katherine Arden: Firstly, here in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is coming. For reals--snow and everything. This set of books, set in medieval Russia, deals with peasant girl with magical abilities, Vasya, and Frost King, Morozko. It has all of my favorite things: period drama, magical realism, fairy tale-ish elements, a strong brave girl kicking ass. Definitely fun to read if you’re cold + cozy (or would like to be).

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett: I loved this book and The Little Princess when I was young. I was just the right age for them when the 1993 and 1995 movies were released. I loved reading about little girls in unconventional circumstances who made the best of them. My memory of The Secret Garden is, in all likelihood, colored by the ‘93 film. In my mind, It’s a flawless adaptation. (Also, hi, John Lynch. My childhood crush who played Tadhg in The Secret of Roan Inish. I’m fine.) But I am so excited to re-read an old fave.

The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum: My memory might be shaky but I cannot remember if I read this or not. I loved the movie and would wait to watch it every Thanksgiving when it was played on TV. I remember being shocked that Dorothy’s slippers were silver instead of ruby. Reading Finding Dorothy by Elizabeth Letts made me want to settle this in my mind once and for all. I will be able to say that I’ve read this book.

The great thing about re-reads (besides all the comfort of revisting old friends) is they still count on your Goodreads yearly challenge. I may make my goal yet! Do you have any books that you’re dying to re-read? Or old standbys that you love to pick up again and again?

Happy re-reading!

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