November Check-In

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Can you believe it’s November already?

2019 is not over yet. The decade is not over yet. Honestly, I am doing my best to avoid all the fear that comes up when I see people posting about all of the above. We’re about to get into the holiday madness here. I am going to do my best to stay in my lane of peace + harmony. 

What’s that going to look like for me? Not making resolution lists. Not stressing about my shopping list. (People in my life keep asking me what I want for Christmas and honestly, all I want is to hang out in my PJs, eat holiday goodies, watch cheesy Hallmark movies, play games, and listen to music. “Stuff” for the sake of it is not exciting me this year.) Not overextending and saying yes to every invitation. Not stressing if I put on weight. 

If you’re already feeling like you haven’t done enough or you should be doing more to make it count by the calendar? Cut yourself some slack. If “almost end of year/decade” postings make you feel junk-y, don’t focus on big goals. (If any. Maybe you need some hibernation time before you even think about revisiting your vision.) I would say focus on the things you can stop doing to bring in more peace.

This is a silly example but the only day that I have a set lunch break is Wednesday. One of my duties as library director is to pick up the mail every day because it doesn’t get delivered to us. Wednesdays are full-on and I don’t have loads of free time. Trying to squeeze in a post office run on my lunch made me feel overwhelmed. I decided to stop going to the post office that day. Boom. Instant relief.

Here are some other things that are bringing me joy + relief right now:

☕️ Legends Only podcast with T. Kyle Mac & Brad Stern ☕️ soaking up the last of the color in the fall foliage ☕️ watching old episodes of Taxi with my Mama ☕️ gnomes everywhere! ☕️ the first gingerbread latte of the season ☕️ creative projects that are just for me ☕️ embracing cardigan season (Have you seen those memes that say “Cardigans are the lab coats of library science?” Too real.)

How are you staying grounded + in joy this season?

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