Mary Magdalene Revealed, Meggan Watterson

I love a good meandering story. One that takes its time being told. UK television writers have this ON LOCK. (We just finished watching Mum at my house. Lesley Manville and Peter Mullan have slow burn chemistry for eons.) When I tuned into Mary Magdalene’s energy to ask her what I should write this blog post about, she immediately responded with “the beauty of waiting, of not knowing it all at once.”

Let me back up. Yes, this is going to be a book post but it’s also going to be woo. Get comfy.

In early June, I had this intense longing to read the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. I happen to believe that I was being called to check it out. So I hopped on Amazon and lo! Meggan Watterson was soon going to be releasing a book called Mary Magdalene Revealed. I hit pre-order so fast that my computer almost didn’t have time to catch up.

A month later, the book arrived. Red cover like a beacon to my stressed out little heart. Summer is a crazy time at my day job and I was feeling it. I needed a spiritual anchor. A reminder. There’s more to life than this. There’s more to our existence than what we feel the need to focus on. I plopped down in a chair, cracked open the book, and wolfed down some dinner before I had to run to a meeting. When I posted a pic of the cover on Instagram, a kind soul asked me to share what I thought about the book when I finished reading it.

It took me just a few days to read the book. And I’ve been meaning to write this blog post ever since. But, I haven’t finished digesting it. Here’s what I know: on an unspoken level, Meggan Watterson + Mary Magdalene have cracked open my soul. I can’t express it. It’s like a deep remembering. Soul medicine. It’s the “oh yeah, I remember you!” you get when you run into someone you knew a long long time ago.

Mary Magdalene Revealed arrived at the total right time for me. Work was crazy. There were a lot of things converging at once that were testing my mental + emotional limits. It became my lifeboat. I am still unpacking everything that this book and Mary M are trying to teach me. It just feels right. Do you know those things? Those things that hit you so deeply that you almost can’t explain or describe to someone how much they mean to you? I have songs like that. (One of them is Jeff Buckley’s cover of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s “Yeh Jo Halka Halka Suroor Hai” and the other is “Metti in circolo il tuo amore” by Ligabue. Just FYI.)

In the meantime, I learned that there was a new-ish movie about Mary Magdalene due to come out. Rooney Mara played her and Joaquin Phoenix played Christ. There were some distribution issues (linked into the rising Divine Feminine, no question. Just google it, if you’re curious). But it is coming to the States on DVD in a bit and is currently available on iTunes. I was excited to watch that, too. It, too, spoke to me in a beautiful way that I cannot fully express. A matching of Divine Feminine + Divine Masculine that I think so many of our souls are yearning to remember, to realize. Not just relationships but as a community.

Mary Magdalene’s story is a perfect illustration of the Divine Feminine. Silenced for centuries but you can’t hold her down forever. Rewritten. Buried. Defamed. But persistent. Resilient. And sometimes that means waiting. Meandering, not packaging it up nice and neat. Something like that cannot be boiled down into a few sentences. It just has to be experienced.

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