Fool for You

What kind of fool starts their business during Mercury Retrograde?

I do!

Are you an astro-fiend? You know that just as Venus went Direct, our old buddy, Merc just said, “See ya!” And if you’re not an astro-fiend, you’re probably noticing that the printer doesn’t work and your phone is acting up.

Don’t panic! Mercury Retro does not have to be a pain. In fact, it can be a wonderful time to take stock of any plans or projects you have in the works. You may receive unique insight into what in your life needs editing, trimming, or reconfiguring.

So, really, what better time to start a proofreading biz? This is ideal! (Right?) Have a blog of your own and want to make sure your content is polished? Have a novel that you're longing to self-publish but want another set of eyes on it? Another project that you want to share with your clients, followers, and the world but want to make sure that it is fine-tuned first?

Let's talk!


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