Things I Love: February 2020

Schitt's Creek (Why did I wait so long to watch this show?): This show is Arrested Development with heart and I honestly can't get enough. My sister introduced me to it and now, it's a nightly ritual to watch a couple of episodes before bed. Every single episode has made me laugh and it's my brand-new fave.

The Modern Intuitives podcast: Lisa Mercier and Janelle Walker are childhood friends. Their podcast is all about empathy and intuition. Some episodes, they take listener questions and answer them using intuition (obvi). Others they just riff on spiritual subjects. They make me laugh and often, listener questions correspond to issues in my own life. 10/10 recommend.

Ninth House, Leigh Bardugo: I love Alex Stern, Bardugo's main character in this book. She's incredibly sharp, super-smart, and she can see dead people. I love all things supernatural, fantasy, kind of dark and contemporary. The only downside is that we need to wait another year to see what happened to DARLINGTON! (Read it and then come back here to discuss.)

Postscript (P.S. I Love You 2), Cecelia Ahern: I loved P.S. I Love You. (The book. I'm sorry, Gerry Butler, but what was that accent?) I was excited to see what was happening for Holly in this book. I love how it centered on relationships and not just romantic ones. Postscript is about how connected we are (and long to be) with people in our lives.

Iced coffee: It's currently freezing where I live and I so badly want to pretend it's spring.

Yoga with Adriene: Home: A 30 Day Yoga Journey: I'm not a devoted yogi but Adriene makes yoga so accessible and fun. I'm enjoying having a regular practice.

Stream and Dream Membership for Jessica Snow's Meditations: I found Jessica Snow's meditations through Mystic Medusa (another site I love). I've enjoyed being a member of her site because she has tons of meditations from which to choose. They've left me feeling more creative, centered, and inspired. Ahhh.

Diving into old stories I wrote (hiiii, Mercury Retrograde!): I write for fun and it's been interesting to look at my old stuff. I started adding more pieces to a story I'd started a couple of years ago. It's been inspiring to have a creative outlet again. (If you've been working on a story, hi. I can edit for you! Drop me a line:

Anna K: A Love Story, Jenny Lee: I posted about this book on my Insta the other day and it got a huge response. (Even Jenny Lee herself commented on it--starstruck!) I was saying how much I love a contemporary re-telling of classic stories. I'm not finished yet but this modern version of Anna Karenina does not disappoint. It's YA, set in NYC, and is so freaking clever. Can't wait to see where Jenny Lee takes this story!

What is on your Love List for February?

*Full Disclosure: I'm not affiliated to anything/anyone I've linked to--just a fan!

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