Collective Reading: November 2, 2020

Hello from the eve of the US Election 2020. To say this year has been an unbelievable ride is the grossest understatement of the century. It does not encompass the roller coaster of emotions we have experienced since March. I was watching the season 6 premiere of Superstore. In that episode, they detailed all the changes we saw over the early part of the pandemic. It was wild how much I’d forgotten. (Remember murder hornets? Where the hell did they go?)

I pulled a card for all of us, whether you are in the States or not, and I got the Hermit. There are a lot of voices in the mix right now. Lots of people shouting to be heard. Today feels like the pause before the exhale. Whenever you’re reading this, carve out some time that is just for you. How are you feeling? It has been so loud out there. We can forget to take care of ourselves. But we cannot afford to leave ourselves behind.

When was the last time you asked yourself what you need? And then, even harder, acted upon it? For me, the last few weeks, I’ve been pushing myself. Arriving to work early and leaving late. Covering shifts. Going to meetings. I completely forgot Zen Megan from early pandemic days. I was back in go-go-go mode. One that I hate with a vengeance. This weekend, to balance it out, I zoned out in my bed and started re-watching Virgin River on Netflix. (Woot, it’s coming back November 27!) It helped.

Maybe you miss meditating. Or going for walks. Have you put down baking long enough to miss it yet? Do you miss connecting with friends? Think about one thing you could do this week that supports your light. It’d be really really good if it was something a little selfish, if you get caught up in pouring out your cup for others. If you’ve been missing human connection, consider doing a good deed. Sending your grandma a book in the mail. Making up your holiday card list. Paying for the people behind you in the drive thru line. (I have a friend who does this every time she goes and I think that’s one of the nicest things I’ve ever heard.) The world could certainly use more kindness, to ourselves and to others.

Stay safe out there. We will get through this.

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