A Love Note

The world feels very small right now, doesn’t it? In my day job, I am a library director. On Monday 3/16, we had an emergency meeting and decided to close. By the end of the week, all the libraries in my system had closed. It feels strange to close our doors. Libraries inherently are about the community. We are used to being a safe place for our patrons. This crisis has asked to think differently about how we serve our people.

If you are feeling disconnected or in need of a resources, I encourage you to check in with your local library. Lots of librarians are pulling together digital resources, like makerspaces and story times. Many of us are doing our best to also post about reliable sources of information.

It’s a wonderful time to dig into the books you’ve been meaning to read or to discover a newfound love of reading. Many library systems have ebooks and audiobooks. If you don’t have a card to access them, check in with your library. I know my system is going to come up with digital cards for people without a card to have access. A number of directors, in my system, are also donating extra funding so we can purchase more books for our peeps.

What is getting you through this time in our lives? I have a couple of paint-by-number kits. What a simple and beautiful joy! I’m reading The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary which is a delightful romcom. I’m doing videos from Yoga with Adriene. I started them before this situation exploded but they have kept me centered in this storm. (Bonus: they’re on YouTube and they’re free!) I’m watching videos of puppies on Instagram.

Stay connected in a way that makes you feel good. If you work in the medical field right now, you have my most heartfelt thanks. A couple of my beloveds do and they’re going through it now. Do what you can to make them feel supported and loved. Do what you can to make yourself feel supported and loved. I love you. I hope you’re feeling healthy and soaked in goodness, wherever you are.

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