A Little Pep Talk (If You Need It)

I have been learning how to knit since November. I bought a kit that teaches you how to make dishcloths. I’m on 3 of 6. Leading up to the home move we just made, I didn’t do much of anything creative. Last week, I started knitting as I started watching Poldark. (Um, yes. Where the hell have I been?) I’ve taken dishcloth #3 apart twice since I started it.

I was tempted to take it apart a third time. But I stopped myself.

We have an endless need to be perfect. Our society seems to demand it. Even for something small and trifling, like a little dishrag. So, I said to myself, “I’m going to see this little washcloth as an experiment. I’m learning how to hold the yarn. I’m learning the right tension for the stitches. And I’m not going to make myself go backwards just so this little thing looks perfect.” As I kept going, I have realized that it doesn’t look so bad. It’s imperfectly fine and that’s perfectly fine by me.

What I mean to say, not as a guru or expert or whatever, but as a human being: if you’re working on something or through something, keep going. Even if it’s not picture perfect, Insta-worthy, award-winning, or whatever. Real life really is messy but that’s how we learn. Keep learning, keep doing.

And for god’s sake, go watch Poldark. Then, come back here so we can talk about it.

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